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More Little Songs

Todd Pierce

The fourth Todd Pierce release, More Little Songs is the sequel to the successful Little Songs EP (2015).

This collection continues to explore the little song concept of conscious structural simplicity. Arrangements are minimal, takes are limited, and production is unfussy. Mistakes are allowed and retained. This little collection takes you on a little journey through small concepts and themes, from the rock out opener "Rotting Tropics" to the haunting instrumental "Impossible Memory".

Track List

  1. Rotting Tropics
  2. 3-2-3
  3. Boxed Right In
  4. Next Time Around
  5. Stephen
  6. Impossible Memory

Bonus Tracks (CD Only)

  1. Dog Boy*
  2. Sailing Away*
  3. Gone Fishing*

* Remastered from Little Songs


Recorded Sept to Dec 2015 at Frog Lab by Todd Pierce

Bonus tracks recorded 2014, remastered 2015

All songs copyright © Todd Pierce

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Rotting Tropics (YouTube)

Impossible Memory (YouTube)

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