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Recreational Outrage

by Recreational Outrage

Earworm-infested debut album from angry bunny rock three-piece Recreational Outrage. Their raw live sound is captured in the unpretentious arrangements. The CD version includes a mystery song, their bizarre space/lounge cover version of a Scandinavian Hair-metal masterpiece.

Track List

  1. Dirty Little Planet
  2. Fox & Lamb
  3. DGA
  4. Little Krishna
  5. F**k the Pony Club
  6. Robot Girlfriend
  7. Jo Was Patient
  8. Mystery Song [CD Only]
  9. Bermagui
  10. Future Future Future

All songs copyright © Todd Pierce 2012, except (8) by Joey Tempest © 1986 (Seven Doors Music)


Recreational Outrage by Recreational Outrage

Chris Kwan, Drums
Matt Howlett, Bass
Todd Pierce, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Basic Tracks recorded during rehearsals at Bakehouse Studios, Richmond. Extra bits recorded at Frog Lab, Richmond VIC

Cover art by Chicinlicin

Design by Socket to Me Pty Ltd

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