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Money For Beer

by Todd Pierce

Debut solo album by Todd Pierce. For the full effect, we recommend listening to it alone, preferably in the dark, and accompanied by a bottle of red. Seriously, we tried it and it totally works!

Track List

  1. Money For Beer
  2. Waste of Time
  3. Sick Little Monkey
  4. Frog on the Green (Kit version)
  5. Bilge Rat
  6. Sly Dog
  7. Hauling My Home
  8. Swatting Angels
  9. Dear Wine

All songs copyright © Todd Pierce


Money For Beer Performed by Todd Pierce


Mimi Turner, Backing Vocals
Aaron Richard, Sousaphone
Aaron Pierce, Alto sax on Sick Little Monkey and Hauling My Home
Ben Turner, Tenor sax on Sick Little Monkey and Hauling My Home
Jo Ryan, Flute on Hauling My Home, also sandwiches


Grandfather clock, used under attribution license by Digifish Music
Tram, used with permission from Jay-Dea Lopez
Lion, Gorilla and Chimpanzee, used under attribution license by Mike Koeng
Bedside Clock, used under attribution licence from
Teaspoon, Neville Chamberlain, Frogs, Waves, Thunder, Rain, all public domain


Recorded and mastered Jan-Jun 2013 at Frog Lab, Richmond VIC


Money For Beer, 2013, Jo Ryan

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