Frog Lab

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by Todd Pierce

Tour de force sophomore album by Todd Pierce. Fourteen tracks of vaguely folky, bluesy, jazzy, indie rock.

Track List

  1. Forty Ten
  2. Conga Bonga
  3. Here Comes Lou
  4. No Sign of Bigfoot (Day 57)
  5. Cigar Box Robot
  6. Diatom
  7. Bunnies
  8. An Umbrella for Your Parade
  9. Half Past Four
  10. Alexis St Martin
  11. Empress of Nothing
  12. Lie Down Slow
  13. Wild Alaska
  14. Falling Empire

All tracks © 2017 Todd Pierce


Performed by Todd Pierce

Ingrid Homburg, Violin
Aaron Richard, Sousaphone
Mimi Turner, Vocal, Backing vocals
John Zappia, Sax

Recorded April-November 2016 at Frog Lab

Produced by Todd Pierce and Dean Walliss

Design by by Jo Ryan/cartoons by TP

Grandfather clock, used under attribution license by Digifish Music

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